Programme Educational Objective (PEOs)                         NVIDIA GPU EDUCATION CENTER

Programme Educational Objective is to establish a high level center of learning & research facilities, comparable to international standards and to develop and promote academic excellence for students from all the communities. In addition, it is our motive to imbibe into the minds of students a deep sense of morality and the ethical standards that could contribute to overall personal growth for the benefit of society at large. These courses are designed in such a way that has to zero gap between academic & industry, thus ensuring high employ-ability of the graduates.

Gujarat Technological University (GTU):    On News for Cyber Security    COLLABORATION WITH ISRO        

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) is a technological university established by Government of Gujarat vides Act No. 20/2007. The university caters the entire field of Engineering, Pharmacy, Business studies (MBA) and Computer Applications (MCA) in Gujarat.

Today the university has about 5, 00,000 plus students, 500 affiliated colleges and 17000 faculties and a large number of Master's programs and 67 master's program and a robust doctoral programs. The University is working with all the Colleges to sensitize them to the need for high quality of education.

India's largest sensitization and support programs in IPR, Innovation, Start-ups and co-creation activities. Fourteen PG Research Centers and Schools in the advanced field of Technology, Policy and Skills.It is today the largest University in Gujarat.

C-DAC Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS):

C-DAC has set up the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) to meet the ever-increasing skilled manpower requirements of the IT industry as well as supplement its intellectual resource base for cutting edge research and development. C-DAC's Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) is dedicated to creating high quality manpower through the designing and delivering various Post Graduate Diploma courses and Post Graduate Degree Awarding Courses. C-DAC is committed to nation building through its Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) and is the first Government Lab that has expanded its horizons globally, extending its high quality training services to countries like Mauritius, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Dubai Tanzania, Myanmar, Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, Lesotho, Seychelles, Graneda, Dominican Republic, Kazakshthan, Vietnam and Japan. Presently, ACTS is offering its courses through a network of over fifty training centres spread across the country wherein thousands of students and professionals are being trained to enhance their skills, and equipped with the latest methodologies in advanced computing to enable them to make their mark in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Around quarter million students passed out since inception in last seventeen years. They are today successful employees of many Multinational and Premier Indian IT companies, and many of them have become successful entrepreneurs

C-DAC, ACTS is conducting the Doctorate and Post Graduate Degree awarding programs in collaboration/affiliation with the well known Universities.GTU is one of them. C-DAC ACTS is running following courses with collaboration with GTU at BISAG, Gandhinagar.

1. M.E. in Computer Engineering (Network Security) with 40 seats intake

2. M.E. in Computer Engineering (Wireless & Mobile Computing) with 40 seats intake

3. M.E. in Computer Engineering (High Performance Computing) with 40 seats intake 

4. M.E. in Electronics and Communication (VLSI & Embedded Systems) with 60 seats intake


BISAG, formerly known as Remote Sensing and Communication Centre (RESECO), has been renamed after the great Indian Mathematician of the 12th century, "Bhaskaracharya"

BISAG is a State level nodal agency to facilitate the use of spatial and geo-spatial technologies for the planning and developmental activities pertaining to Agriculture, Land and Water Resource Management, Wasteland/Watershed Development, Forestry, Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Education.

The Institute started its operations in April 1997 and was renamed as " Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics " in December 2003.



GTU PG School